Human hands typing on the keyboard in the computer roomGetting content written for your website or blog is one thing – and it’s always important to make sure that it’s interesting and informative so that you can ensure people always revisit your page and services – but getting seen in the first place is a different matter altogether.  This is where SEO copywriting comes in – and it’s all about making sure that Google highlights your webpage above others based upon a certain keyword or phrase.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation – and by making sure that you know your keyword or phrase that you want to attract audiences with, a good copywriter of web content will be able to naturally insert and describe your chosen phrase or keyword in flowing, easy-to-read pieces which both attract visitors and ensure they return regularly.  SEO copywriting is all about making sure that you get the visitors in the door, and keeping them around as regular guests.  It couldn’t be simpler!

Good SEO copywriting depends upon a careful and liberal use of primary keywords so that your content is not flagged by Google for ‘stuffing’ your webpage full of random sentences and phrases.  Google is smarter than you think – and this is also where a little thing called LSI, or Latent Semantic Indexing, can help out.

LSI words work alongside SEO copywriting as they are synonyms, or related phrases, related to your primary keyword.  For example, if your blog or article regards ‘Formula One motor racing’, LSI may include ‘driving’, ‘cars’, ‘mechanics’, or even famous drivers – i.e. ‘Lewis Hamilton’ or ‘Nico Rosberg’.  LSI helps Google to understand that your article or page is genuine content, and that it is not purely keywords – this makes sure that genuine websites are placed higher in search listings as opposed to those that may be fraudulently boosting their rankings with false content.


SEO Copywriting and the Correct Keywords

It’s important not to lose your website in a sea of competitors by making sure that your SEO copywriting is both natural and focused on a number of keywords and LSI – therefore, Google will be all the more likely to pick up on your content before anyone else’s.

Having worked closely with a web design firm since early 2015 on a number of SEO copywriting campaigns, I have written a wealth of keyword-focused pieces for a number of different clients.  Providing you have a keyword or keyphrase in mind that you would like content optimised for, I will be happy to write affordable and effective copy for you along with any LSI related to your article’s main topic.

The key to effective SEO copywriting is to avoid clogging up content with keywords and LSI, however – by keeping pieces natural and as informative as possible, but with a number of key terms and phrases in mind, I can help maximise your chances of being seen by Google with just a few hundred words.  Why not see what I can do for you by contacting me further today?

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