Creative Writing process of typingIt’s always important for any content you write for the web, be it for entertainment or information, be creative – after all, converting a browser into a regular visitor or customer will greatly depend upon how you represent your brand, how you fill your website, and what sets you apart from your competition.  It’s not just about the quality of the products or service you provide – it’s just as much about first impressions, and what you do to make sure that people return to your brand.  Therefore, creative writing is fairly essential when it comes to online content.

What is creative writing?  It’s a fairly broad term – and while you may immediately think of poetry, prose, or similar – but it’s all about the distinction between writing interesting content and writing a wall of text!  Writing creatively fits in well with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), as it helps to layer out keywords and associated synonyms in a natural way, which will also help Google to identify your website as legitimate – which, in turn, will allow you to ascend search rankings.


What makes Creative Writing Unique

Creative writing is all about creating content in such a way that it reads naturally – so that it appears that the writer has thought long and hard about their content, cares about their business, or, even better, can demonstrate that they are an expert in their trade.  This way, creative and flowing content can really help your customers in trusting your brand and services – after all, badly-written, poorly-researched or shoddily-edited content will do little other than allow your website’s visitors to click back, never to return – no matter your brand, no matter your audience, good, creative content advises a sense of professionalism, of care, and of ability – meaning that you should never truly overlook the opportunity to invest in creative content.

As part of the services I offer via Mr. Pointer Copywriting, I offer a creative and conscientious approach to content production, editing and analysis, which I’ve developed over my time in business as a dedicated freelancer – and I initially started in this trade following my graduation from two creative writing disciplines at the University of Huddersfield.  It’s my education which has helped me understand the importance of choosing and using the right words for the right audiences and contexts – and I have this to thank for my versatility and loyal client base!

For a creative approach to writing, and content which never fails to entertain, inform, or sell – no matter what you may need it for – please feel free to download my portfolio or contact me via my web form for more information.  I’m happy to discuss ad-hoc projects, ongoing content proposals, SEO strategies or any need for creative writing and attractive content that you may have.  I consider myself to be one of the most versatile and dedicated freelancers in the trade, and in addition to this, I offer competitive rates for flexible word lengths.  Why not have a look at what I have to offer or get in touch for more information?

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