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graham pictureGraham Pierrepoint : Copywriter

Getting content written for your website or blog which is entertaining, informative and attractive to your key audience isn’t as easy as you might think – especially if you have a hundred and one things to run elsewhere with your business or online presence!  This is why it’s all the more important to look for a copywriter to help lighten the load – one who can provide consistent quality and communication on any number of projects, while helping you get the attention you need via Google’s search listings.

Having started up Mr. Pointer Copywriting in early 2015, I’ve written for a wide and wonderful range of different clients and on topics as diverse as windscreen care, corset training, space exploration and even the finer points of British politics – no matter the topic, no matter the audience, I can assure you of a thorough and entertaining approach to writing that will both win you views and convert browsers to regular visitors.  What more could you ask from a copywriter?

Having graduated from two disciplines at the University of Huddersfield dedicated to creative writing, I have honed my talents over the years to be able to provide striking and informative content as a dedicated copywriter for a number of different clients.  As well as ad-hoc requests, I provide content support for a web design firm and am a regular features writer for www.onenewspage.com, where I have provided news content since early 2015.

As well as offering content writing services for any online medium, I also offer a comprehensive proofreading and editing service – if you have already-written or drafted content and would like the services of a seasoned copywriter to look over grammar, spelling and consistency, I will be happy to help you wherever possible.

If you are interested in purchasing high-quality content for your website or business, and are looking for an experienced copywriter who can offer competitive rates and a thorough approach to writing on almost any topic, why not take a look at my portfolio?  Along with my price list, please feel free to download a selection of my previous work and contact me further for any queries you may have.

Please also find me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – and if you have any specific queries or a project you’d like me to help with as an ad-hoc copywriter, please fill out my web form and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


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